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About Kinda Nerdy Housewife

Howdy! I'm a Kinda Nerdy Housewife! I make wonderful works of pixel art using the medium of fuse beads! I make magnets, coaster, bows, pins, wall art, and more - all lovingly crafted one bead at a time!

Fuse beads are small plastic beads that can be arranged on a specialized pegboard and then fused with heat to make a solid sheet of plastic. They are sometimes referred to as "perler beads" since Perler is a popular fuse bead brand in North America. You can basically think of fuse bead art as a mosaic that is made with plastic instead of glass or ceramic! Thanks to the durability of fuse bead art, it is possible to turn it into a wide variety of beautiful items!

To get a better idea of how my fuse bead items are made, check out this time lapse of me creating one of my signature Pixel Pals!

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What I Make

Pixel Pals

My signature product line! Pixel Pals are cute and colorful 8-bit style recreations of popular anime and video game characters. They are perfectly sized to fit easily on a desktop or wall display!


Due to the durability and versatility of fuse beads, they are easy to make into fully functional wearable items! My pixel bows are one of my best sellers both online and in-person. They make great hair bows and are also wonderful bow ties. My handmade pins are also very popular with pin collectors!


By adding magnetic backing to my fuse bead art, I have created a bunch of super fun magnets! They come in two sizes: Mega and Mini!


These practical yet pretty coasters are cork-backed for non-slip grip!

Wall Art

These larger fuse bead pieces often contain over 1,000 hand-placed beads and are perfect for decorating walls!

Previous Experience

I've sold my handmade crafts at events both large and small! My wares are best suited for video game and anime conventions, though I've also done well at comic cons, general pop culture cons, and craft fairs. Here is a partial list of events I have sold at:

Booth Photos: